About Computer Shop InTech
From 2003, 'Intech Computer Shop' professionally deals with servicing and repairing computers, moblie phones, smartphones and any other piece that has to do with technology. If your home computer or your personal laptop isn't working or lately has shown some difficulties and slowing, the choice is on your hands, the best alternative remains only 1, 'Intech Computer Shop'.

The leader in the regional market with enormous experience over this business. We sell everything about technology starting from the smallest accessoires like USB to the 50 inch Smart HD TV. We also sell computer configurations by pre-ordering or computer pieces that are necessary to you. We as well are ISP(official partner of NeoTel Skopje) providing the wholecity and region with the fastest internet 4G connection or with the latest wireless technology WiiMax, depending on your choice. Formatting operating systems and installing various software applications on request.

You are always welcome !